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For everyone who needs a travel partner and companion for trip... For all the lonely souls... and not so lonely. When none of your friends or family can go on vacation with you... If you found an excellent deal but - it's based on double occupancy. Even if you already have a buddy for road trip - the more the merrier. Maybe you like traveling single but wouldn't mind sharing a hotel room with somebody to split the lodging costs. Or if you are completely happy with solo travel but not so much with eating alone, find your dining companion here!

This is the place to share your plans and find a travel friend...

Browse the existing postings to search a travel partner or add a new one in just a few minutes. No registration, no need to create a profile or post your picture. BUT - you need to know when and where you want to travel! Or... figure it out after you read what other travelers are planning.

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Destination From To Flex. date Description
USA, Texas, Loredo 2014-Oct-01 2014-Nov-01 N Going to visit brother
USA, California, San Diego 2014-Nov-20 2015-Jul-01 Y So I am currently living I Seattle. I've been here for a year and it's time t
USA 2014-Oct-20 2016-Jan-01 Y Looking for someone, male or female, below the age of 30 to travel the country with m
India, Goa 2014-Dec-30 2015-Jan-02 Y I love traveling...but not alone
India, Darjeeling 2014-Nov-01 2014-Nov-06 Y Hi ! Travel Partners needed , for an old couple. Preferably a travel group. Travell
Japan, Tokyo 2014-Nov-15 2014-Nov-16 N I'm going to Knotfest Japan 2014(Nov 15- 16th) by myself. I'm looking for a partne
USA, anywhere 2014-Jan-01 2015-Jan-01 Y my name is michael im 26 years old i want to get out of florida im tired of being i
India, pune 2014-Oct-19 2014-Oct-25 N Travelling to pune by swift diesel car..abs air bag available want ti hv 1-2 guy fr
USA, Anywhere 2015-May-01 2017-Dec-31 Y I'm a 21 year old woman looking for a new adventure. I know that living in one pla
USA, California 2014-Oct-30 2014-Nov-14 Y hello, im planning a road trip from jersey city, nj to California and back to nj by w
USA, Colorado 2014-Nov-01 2014-Nov-30 Y This is a one way trip. I live on the east coast and want to discover the west coas
USA, Nevada, Las Vegas 2014-Nov-01 2014-Nov-04 N Will like to stay at Paris Paris..approximately $190 per night. Need to share with
India 2015-Jan-25 2015-Aug-27 Y Hi, i want to go from the netherlands to india by car. I want to find people who ar
USA, USA, Mexico Central America 2014-Sep-23 2015-Dec-01 Y Hi I'm 53, from Costa Rica and I have been backpacking around the world in India,
India, Canary Island 2014-Dec-21 2015-Jan-05 Y I am fun loving, funny,caring & generous. Love travelling a lot since I am all alone
India, Illinois, Goa, India 2014-Dec-27 2015-Jan-02 Y Hi, I am a music lover. A guitarist and sometimes a singer too. lol. I am lookin for
India, Georgia, Goa 2014-Oct-24 2014-Oct-30 Y I am a simple boy from Mumbai. Would like to have see some girl/s , for my travel t
USA, California, LA 2014-Sep-24 2014-Oct-30 Y hello im a tourist in usa, i have planed to have a car trip from chicago IL to califo
Switzerland 2015-Mar-01 2015-Mar-09 Y I WANT GIRL PATNER FOR EUROPE TOUR
USA, California 2014-Oct-15 2014-Nov-30 Y hi im traveling to usa from iran and staing in turky for one week,i have planned to h
Turkey 2014-Oct-25 2014-Nov-01 N hello every body ,, who likes fun
Thailand, pattaya 2014-Oct-25 2014-Oct-30 N Hi I'm looking for a female travel buddy who can share the 4 star stay with me a
USA 2014-Sep-01 2014-Oct-30 Y hi my name is mohsen , and i am 49 ,i am planing to have road trips around usa starti
Nepal 2014-Oct-20 2014-Oct-31 Y I'm travelling solo to Nepal to explore the best of Nepal and looking for a travel b
USA, Florida/Cali + Open to suggestions 2014-Oct-15 2015-Jan-01 Y Looking for fun, genuine travel friend, either male or female of any age. I'll be
India, All Vidharbha and Maharastra and Goa 2014-Oct-01 2015-Jan-01 N Im planning to start travel show covering Central India,Maharastra,Goa, for Etv med
India, India,Nepal,Bhutan 2014-Nov-01 2014-Dec-20 Y Hello there,I am looking for 1/2 person or a group to make a trip from Bangladesh (D
USA, Maine, nova scotia 2015-Apr-01 2015-Jul-01 Y female looking for male companion for camping trip to nova scotia and surrounding are
Russian Federation, Moscow 2014-Sep-09 2017-Dec-31 Y Hello How are you? I understand you will be visiting Mumbai/India soon. I can be
USA, California, Knotfest 2014-Oct-24 2014-Oct-27 N Looking for a fellow metalhead to go to KNOTFEST with me in October. I'm going to
USA, Maryland, Anywhere in DelMarVa or PA 2014-Jan-01 2015-Jan-01 Y Looking for a road trip travel companion. Must enjoy spontaneous trips and travelin
USA, New York, any where 2015-Mar-03 2016-Mar-03 Y plan to have someone with lic to drive car i will buy car 2nd hand and do car camping
USA, California, Los Angeles 2014-Sep-01 2014-Nov-30 Y I am looking for someone to go on a cross country trip with me and my 2 year old be
USA, California, Los Angeles 2014-Sep-01 2014-Nov-30 Y I am looking for someone to go on a cross country trip with me and my beagle named
Nepal, Trekking in Himalaya 2015-Mar-01 2015-May-01 Y In the early stages of planning a trip to hike in Nepal next spring. Currently looki
USA, California, Los Angeles/San Diego 2014-Oct-01 2014-Nov-30 Y I've been planning to drive across the country to California to play music for a l
USA, Everywhere 2014-Aug-01 2016-Aug-01 Y I'm planning to go out on the road in August, going anywhere and everywhere. Hoping
United States Virgin Islands 2014-Jul-01 2014-Nov-01 Y Hi, I am going out on a limb , and am looking for a FUN intelligent, well traveled
Canada, Halifax, NS 2015-Feb-01 2015-Aug-01 Y Planning a roadtrip from Vancouver, BC to Halifax, NS. Starting in Vancouver, im pl
India, goa,kerala,ooty all over india 2014-May-31 2014-Dec-01 N hai i am shravan...looking for travel partners for goa and kerala..preferably femal
USA, Florida, anywhere 2014-Jun-01 2015-Jun-01 Y I'm looking to go primitive with my 2 dogs,selling everything I have to find somep
USA 2015-May-15 2015-Jul-15 Y The name is Ron, getting out of the military soon and looking to do a nice relaxing r
USA, Texas, French Islands in Caribbean 2015-Feb-12 2015-Feb-21 N WILL PAY HALF YOUR COST (not airfare) I am looking for a Female cabin mate. I just
USA, Arizona, Yuma - and business in Mexico 2014-Oct-05 2014-Nov-10 Y Hi. I'm considering going to Mexico with my truck and tent camping setup in the fall
Japan, osaka 2014-Nov-15 2014-Nov-29 Y I am Malaysia Chinese male 44 year old, and i love travel. I believe many people
India, goa rajstan kota indore 2014-Nov-20 2017-Jan-10 Y hi, my name is imran, i'm 23 and i'm from mumbai. I'm gonna start my road trip
Philippines 2014-Feb-11 2015-Feb-11 Y Hey pals! I am looking for a road trip partner who is funny, honest and flexible. I
USA, All over 2014-Jun-01 2015-Jun-01 Y I'm ready for the open road lifestyle. I have a C Class motor home and want to live
Spain 2013-Nov-20 2016-Jan-01 Y Destination: To go somewhere alloy, playing in the street, letting bubbles, etc, etc,
USA, California 2014-Jan-05 2015-Jan-05 Y Taking off 1st part of January 2014 in a nice class A motorhome, going to travel al
India, Goa, Mumbai, and many others 2014-Nov-20 2015-Jan-30 Y Hi, I am planning a trip in late 2014. I know it is too early! But it will be a big o
Bahama 2013-Dec-13 2014-Dec-07 N I am looking for a women in her mid 50's who would like to go on a cruise to the Bah
USA, Alaska, cruise 2015-Sep-07 2015-Sep-14 N I'm planning to travel to Alaska on a cruise in Sept.2015. Looking for someone to sh
USA, anywhere and everywhere 2014-May-05 2015-Aug-08 Y I would love to road trip across the US next summer after I get out of school. Neve
USA, Every State 2014-Feb-01 2014-Dec-31 N I am planning a huge road trip that will take a full year starting in February of 2
USA 2013-Apr-01 2015-Aug-23 Y Hi! I'm Dusti and I am sick of life the way it is so I've decided to change it. I h
Australia, World trip - Asia, America, New Zealand, Fiji 2014-Mar-01 2015-Mar-01 Y Hi - my name is Rachael - im in my twentys - I'm planning a world trip for 2014 an
United Kingdom, Europe adventure! 2014-Aug-26 2015-Aug-26 Y 2 years of exploring Europe!!! Gonna do the states before I get to Europe Though wh
Russian Federation, Russian 2014-Jan-01 2015-Jan-01 Y Looking for companion for travel around the world in 2014 ....
Australia, USA, Thailand, Iceland, open to id 2014-Jan-01 2015-Jan-01 Y Looking for a round the world travel buddy, aged between 20 and 30. Would like to e
USA, District of Columbia, DC-Annapolis-Baltimore area 2012-Jan-01 2015-Jan-01 Y Hi, I am seeking a dining companion for those times I want to enjoy great food at a g
Turkey, south turkey coast 2012-Jun-01 2015-Jun-01 Y hey girls .! I love to meet people from different places, also love to exchange vie
USA, Colorado, ENDLESS 2012-Jun-15 2015-Jan-01 Y Im a 50yo male taking an extended roadtrip across the USA leaving oklahoma in june or

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