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For everyone who needs a travel partner and companion for trip... For all the lonely souls... and not so lonely. When none of your friends or family can go on vacation with you... If you found an excellent deal but - it's based on double occupancy. Even if you already have a buddy for road trip - the more the merrier. Maybe you like traveling single but wouldn't mind sharing the hotel room with somebody to split the lodging costs. Or if you are completely happy with solo travel but not so much with eating alone, find your dining companion here!

This is the place to share your plans and find a travel friend...

Browse the existing postings to search a travel partner or add a new one in just a few minutes. No registration, no need to create a profile or post your picture. BUT - you need to know when and where you want to travel! Or... figure it out after you read what other travelers are planning.

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Destination From To Flex. date Description
Bangladesh, Dhaka, Khulna, Satkhira 2014-May-27 2014-Jun-02 Y Want to travel Bangladesh. Require Partner(s).
USA, Texas, French Islands in Caribbean 2015-Feb-12 2015-Feb-21 N WILL PAY HALF YOUR COST (not airfare) I am looking for a Female cabin mate. I just
USA, Arizona, Yuma - and business in Mexico 2014-Oct-05 2014-Nov-10 Y Hi. I'm considering going to Mexico with my truck and tent camping setup in the fall
USA, Michigan, Detroit 2014-Jun-02 2014-Jun-06 N Annual road trip from LA to Detroit. Returning August 7. Looking for a male road trip
USA, California, Los Angeles 2014-Jul-01 2014-Jul-15 Y I really want to visit california and need a real travel friend. I m open mind, fun
India, Alabama, Goa, Kerala for the beach fun 2014-Jun-01 2014-Sep-01 N Namasthe. This is Reddy from Hyderabad. I am looking for fun loving travel friend to
USA, California, los angeles, las vegas, san diego, san franci 2014-Jun-20 2014-Jul-05 Y ı want to travel to california this summer for 15 days. rent a car and drive all
Cambodia 2014-May-15 2014-Aug-15 Y Hi, I usually visit the American Continent every summer : USA, Canada, Mexico,
USA, Oregon, Portland 2014-Aug-31 2014-Sep-05 Y Looking for someone who wants to take a road trip to Portland, OR with me and my Sibe
Kazakhstan, Almaty, Altyn Emel National Park 2014-Aug-15 2014-Aug-21 N We are trying to get together a group of backpackers to travel through Central Asia (
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Chui Region, Djeti-Oguz Yurt Camp 2014-Aug-23 2014-Aug-29 N We are trying to get together a group of backpackers to travel through Central Asia (
Uzbekistan, Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent, Lake Aydarkul 2014-Aug-07 2014-Aug-13 N We are trying to get together a group of backpackers to travel through Central Asia (
India, himachal pradesh 2014-Apr-28 2014-May-07 N Five friends (males) are going on a bike tour of himachal for eight days. We have a
USA, California, Los Angeles 2014-Sep-01 2014-Sep-10 Y I'm moving to CA in September and I'm planning to drive there. I'd like to spend
USA, California, Washington, Oregon, California 2014-Aug-10 2014-Aug-23 Y Hey guys, I am going to spend an exchange semester in the US, therefore Id like to
India 2014-Dec-18 2014-Dec-23 N Hey guys, I am planning a trip to Goa around 2nd week of Dec 2014. Anybody inter
India, Goa 2014-Dec-18 2014-Dec-23 N Hey guys, I am planning a trip to Goa around 2nd week of Dec 2014. Anybody inter
India, Lahaul-Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh 2014-Jul-12 2014-Jul-21 Y We're an outdoorsy couple looking for travel buddies for Lahaul & Spiti (including
Japan, Okinawa 2014-May-01 2014-Jun-01 Y Looking for Japanese young lady to join me in Okinawa and maybe China mainland, let
USA, Texas 2014-Mar-30 2014-Sep-01 Y I'm looking for a travel buddy male or female I just want to travel the US and exp
Japan, osaka 2014-Nov-15 2014-Nov-29 Y I am Malaysia Chinese male 44 year old, and i love travel. I believe many people
Thailand 2014-Jun-16 2014-Jun-26 Y I am interested in having a companion while visiting Thailand. Please get in touch if
USA, Florida, Walt Disney World 2014-Apr-24 2014-May-01 N I am taking my parents to Ft. Lauderdale for a cruse April 24 - May 1 and plan to r
USA, Arizona 2014-Mar-28 2014-Apr-28 Y Hello there I am planning a road trip from Dallas TX to CA and back. I am lookin
USA, Washington, Seattle 2014-May-05 2014-May-09 Y Hi, I'm travelling from San Francisco to Seattle in beginning of May and would lik
India, All India 2014-Apr-01 2014-May-31 Y Hi, I am free for 2 months. I want a travel mate to travel across India or any city o
USA, California 2014-Jul-01 2014-Aug-01 Y I am on Holiday. Likes to travel to las vegans,Sanfransisco,Cal etc for 2 to 3 wee
India, Mumbai, Goa 2014-Apr-24 2014-May-01 N Hey people! I'm planning a week long vacation to Mumbai- Goa around April end. Loo
India, goa rajstan kota indore 2014-Nov-20 2017-Jan-10 Y hi, my name is imran, i'm 23 and i'm from mumbai. I'm gonna start my road trip
USA 2014-Mar-13 2014-Jun-01 Y hi, my name is hugo, i'm 18 and i'm french. I'm gonna start my road trip soon an
USA, New York, NYC 2014-Mar-10 2014-May-01 N I'm going to be traveling/working in NYC (Manhattan) over the next 4 months. Looki
USA, California, San Diego 2014-Aug-01 2014-Aug-01 Y I wish to go to someplace sunny and warm. Even a 3-5 day cruise to alaska wouold be n
USA, Illinois, round trip road trip 2014-Jul-23 2014-Sep-05 N Hey We are 2 young girls and we are travelling through the usa this summer. We kno
USA, Texas 2014-Feb-27 2014-Aug-16 Y Anyone interested having a road trip in US for about 6 months? I am flexible with
India, uttaranchal 2014-Apr-01 2014-Aug-15 Y hi! Iam 53 yr old woman. I wanted female travel companian who can bear her own expe
USA, Kansas, Kansas City, Ks. 2014-Mar-01 2014-May-06 N Looking for someone to share travel expense's from Yucaipa, Ca. to Kansas City, Ks.
USA, Florida, Fort Myers 2014-Apr-26 2014-May-01 Y I am relocating to Fort myers, Flordia and would like a traveling companion, someone
Philippines 2014-Feb-11 2015-Feb-11 Y Hey pals! I am looking for a road trip partner who is funny, honest and flexible. I
USA, California 2014-Aug-01 2014-Aug-31 Y A trip to national parks in the west of USA + Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas,
USA, New York, TBD 2014-Apr-01 2014-Apr-30 Y After many successful years in the IT field, I decided to take an early retirement.
USA, California, San Diego 2014-Mar-01 2014-Jul-01 Y I currently live on the east coast and am looking to pick up and start a new life in
USA, East to West! 2014-Feb-15 2014-May-01 Y Hi ! I'm leaving Qu
USA, Arkansas, Ozark Mountains 2014-Jun-01 2014-Jun-08 Y Hello potential travel mate, The mountains have been calling me & I must go. I'm
Mexico, California, Mexico City 2014-Feb-28 2014-Apr-29 Y Interested in culture, nature, how people live, places and sites to visit. Overland b
USA, California, numerous 2014-Jan-01 2014-Aug-01 Y I'm planning a trip to California (in a 27' travel trailer), starting with San Jose
USA, All over 2014-Jun-01 2015-Jun-01 Y I'm ready for the open road lifestyle. I have a C Class motor home and want to live
Spain 2013-Nov-20 2016-Jan-01 Y Destination: To go somewhere alloy, playing in the street, letting bubbles, etc, etc,
USA, California 2014-Jan-05 2015-Jan-05 Y Taking off 1st part of January 2014 in a nice class A motorhome, going to travel al
India, Goa, Mumbai, and many others 2014-Nov-20 2015-Jan-30 Y Hi, I am planning a trip in late 2014. I know it is too early! But it will be a big o
Mexico 2014-Jul-01 2014-Jul-30 Y Looking for a person or group to travel to Mexico with, Traveling by car, Pooling out
Morocco 2014-Mar-01 2014-May-31 Y Hi I would like some one to travel to morocco with by landrover to the more remote
Nepal 2014-Jun-30 2014-Sep-01 Y Hiya !!`~ wanna take a trip to Nepal before devoting myself to job T_T but havent'
USA, Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, etc 2014-Jun-01 2014-Sep-01 Y I'm a guy who loves camping, hiking and spending a lot of time in nature. I'm a 2
Bahama 2013-Dec-13 2014-Dec-07 N I am looking for a women in her mid 50's who would like to go on a cruise to the Bah
USA, Alaska, cruise 2015-Sep-07 2015-Sep-14 N I'm planning to travel to Alaska on a cruise in Sept.2015. Looking for someone to sh
USA, anywhere and everywhere 2014-May-05 2015-Aug-08 Y I would love to road trip across the US next summer after I get out of school. Neve
USA, Minnesota, Brooks, grand forks, thief river falls 2013-May-31 2014-May-31 Y So I'm gonna be traveling from st. George, Utah, to Minnesota. I will be going to
USA, Out West 2013-May-15 2014-May-01 Y 53 year old female, fun, positive, teamworking, financially OK, music loving Adventur
Argentina, Ushuaia 2014-Mar-04 2014-May-04 Y Need female travel companion to share driving and cost one month cruising Argentina .
USA, Every State 2014-Feb-01 2014-Dec-31 N I am planning a huge road trip that will take a full year starting in February of 2
USA 2013-Apr-01 2015-Aug-23 Y Hi! I'm Dusti and I am sick of life the way it is so I've decided to change it. I h
USA, San Francisco 2014-Jun-03 2014-Jul-07 Y I'm planning a road trip throughout USA by car crossing the entire country. i've go
USA 2014-Jun-01 2014-Aug-01 Y I'm looking to travel the USA in 2014. I actually have no preference which parts o
Australia, World trip - Asia, America, New Zealand, Fiji 2014-Mar-01 2015-Mar-01 Y Hi - my name is Rachael - im in my twentys - I'm planning a world trip for 2014 an
United Kingdom, Europe adventure! 2014-Aug-26 2015-Aug-26 Y 2 years of exploring Europe!!! Gonna do the states before I get to Europe Though wh
France, Paris 2014-Apr-20 2014-Apr-30 Y Celebrating 50th Birthday April 24th
Russian Federation, Russian 2014-Jan-01 2015-Jan-01 Y Looking for companion for travel around the world in 2014 ....
Australia, USA, Thailand, Iceland, open to id 2014-Jan-01 2015-Jan-01 Y Looking for a round the world travel buddy, aged between 20 and 30. Would like to e
USA, District of Columbia, DC-Annapolis-Baltimore area 2012-Jan-01 2015-Jan-01 Y Hi, I am seeking a dining companion for those times I want to enjoy great food at a g
Turkey, south turkey coast 2012-Jun-01 2015-Jun-01 Y hey girls .! I love to meet people from different places, also love to exchange vie
USA, Colorado, ENDLESS 2012-Jun-15 2015-Jan-01 Y Im a 50yo male taking an extended roadtrip across the USA leaving oklahoma in june or
Japan 2013-Jul-10 2014-Jul-01 Y Hey i'm looking for easy going female/females to join me on a round the world trip f

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